Solicitor Documentation

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The document set of every registered mortgage must include the set of Standard Charge/ Mortgage Terms, the Guarantee (where provided, for every mortgage with one or more Guarantors) and a Mortgage Schedule corresponding to the Product name displayed on our Mortgage Commitment. Each Mortgage Schedule or Mortgage Form incorporating that Schedule is listed above the set of Products to which it applies.


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Identification Verification Form (IVF)


Street Capital and Computershare

Street Capital Financial Corporation will retain FCT to manage the closing of all its mortgage transactions. Accordingly, the Solicitor Instruction package will be issued to you by FCT.

Please direct your inquiries, correspondence and documentation, including the Final Report, to FCT at:

4 Hughson Street South, 8th Floor
L8N 3Z1

Phone: 905-645-5227 / 1-877-525-1264
Fax: 905-523-2440 / 1-888-523-2440
Attention: Managed Mortgage Solution Department

All post close servicing inquiries, including requests for discharge statements, should be directed to the applicable servicing centre Customer Customer Service - Contact Information.

Media Releases and News

March 12, 2014
Street Capital Launches
Small Rental Program.
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November 25, 2013
Street Capital's President
Paul Grewal Inducted into
Canada's Hall of Fame.
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May 27, 2013
Street Capital Receives
CMHC Approvals to Securitze
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